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What Your choice of Partner rings says about you

When you've chosen the perfect CoupleSets ring Have you ever stopped to think about what it could reveal about you or your relationship? Our choices, particularly when it comes to something as personal as jewelry can reveal a lot about our individual character, relationships, and our emotional state.

If you select a ring that has intricate designs and sparkling stones it could suggest that you are a fan of the dramatic and enjoy the complexity. You might also be a lover of exploring new aspects of your relationship. A simple, subdued Tory Burch wedding ring may suggest that you are a fan of simplicity, clarity, and the notion that 'less is better' in your relationship.

The choice of the material you choose can say a lot. Gold could be a symbol of love of classics that have stood the test of time. A ring that is mixed metals and textures may show an eclectic style and appreciation for the diversity of jewelry and relationships.

Even the timing of the gift could be an indicator. Giving a Tory Burch ring on a significant date--like an anniversary or a milestone in your relationship--demonstrates a sense of sentimentalism and value for tradition. A gift that you can give at any time, on a random Tuesday, perhaps can be a sign of spontaneity as well as a knack for keeping your relationship fresh and interesting.

In a survey conducted in 2017 by The Knot 61% of respondents believed that their choice of a ring had significant impact on their perception of their partner. This statistic highlights the importance of what you choose to wear.

The Tory Burch ring you select will be a miniature, wearable book about your love story. It's a daily reminder to your partner of their character, your own identity and the unique bond between you two.

The Ring is a great opportunity to mark significant milestones in the course of a relationship.

As you travel through the journey of love, a series of moments of your story will be highlighted. So how can the Tory Burch ring be used as a token during these transformative moments? Imagine it as a narrating object which adds depth and meaning to each chapter of your relationship.

Engagements and anniversaries are obvious occasions however, why to stop there? Maybe you've gotten through a rough time and you're looking to celebrate your strength. A ring by Tory Burch could be a wonderful method to mark this time by capturing the essence of how you've grown and what you've achieved.

For those who have long-distance relationships, it can be an tangible reminder of the love that transcends continents or time zones. Every glance at the rings could serve as a temporary connection, making the distance seem less daunting.

Even during moments of personal achievement, like you've landed a new job, or the accomplishment of a challenging project--giving or receiving a Tory burch ring adds a touch of sweetness to the accomplishment. It reminds you that your spouse is the biggest cheerleader.

It is interesting to note that in a study by Dr. Elizabeth Dunn at the University of British Columbia, couples who celebrated each other's accomplishments reported greater satisfaction with their relationship compared to those who didn't. Tory Burch rings are a great way to translate this psychological knowledge into a physical form.

The ring can also mark the less spectacular but equally crucial 'everyday' milestones like finally learning how to effectively communicate or effectively managing sharing household chores. These are the foundations of a relationship that lasts.

The ring may also be given as an "just because" gift to increase joy and spontaneity in the relationship. It's an encouraging reminder to continue in touch no matter how long you've been in a relationship for.


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